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Hair Salon Services




Precision Haircut includes shampoo, scalp massage and style. Stylists will show you how to achieve the same style at home.




Bang/Beard Trim


Childrens Haircut (under 10)


Men's Haircut


Women's Haircut


Deluxe Haircut
Haircut, Eyebrow Wax and Conditioning Treatment


 *price varies depending on stylist level




You and your stylist will work together to achieve the best possible colors for your skin ton and desired look. Stylists are highly trained to give you your desired look.




2 Process Color/Balayage

Decolorizing (lightening) then depositing color or tone.

$85- $95*

2 Process Color/Balayage with Haircut

Decolorizing (lightening) then depositing color or tone with haircut.

$111- $127*

Color & Highlight

Custom color and highlight.

$110- $120*

Color & Highlight and Haircut

Solid custom color all over and highlights with haircut.

$136- $152*

Full Foil

Foiling Technique for Highlghts and Lowlights

 $80- $90*

Foil with Haircut

Foil with a haircut.

$106- $122*


Semi-permanent Gloss to add a tint of color to your existing haircolor.


Men's Color

Highlights or Lowlights for Men.


Partial Foil (up to 15)

Up to 15 foils for highights or lowlights.

$65- $75*

Partial Foil (up to 15) with Haircut

Partial Foil up to 15 with haircut.

$91- $107*

Solid Color (1 Process)

Solid customized TIGI Colour.

$70- $80*

Solid Color with Haircut (1 Process)

Solid color and haircut.

$96- $112*

*price varies depending on stylist level, additional solution and hair length.




Stylists are trained to give you exactly what you want. They will know exactly which size rods to use to make the size curl you want.




Basic wrap perm, body wave to tight curls.                                                                                                                    

$65- $75*

Perm with Haircut

Basic perm with haircut.

$89- $104*

Specialty Perm

Specialty Wrap Perm. (ex: spirals)

$95- $100*

Specialty Perm with Haircut

Specialty Wrap Perm with haircut.
$119- $129*

*price varies depending on stylist level, additional solution and hair length.




We have many different types of wax to ensure the best result for each area and skin type. We offer both facial and body waxing services.



Back Wax


Bikini Wax
-bikini line

 Brazilian Wax
-Custom shapes available, anything from martini to bare

Chest Waxing


Ear/Nose Wax

Removes hair in or around ear. Removes hair inside the nose.


Eyebrow & Lip Wax

2 facial waxing in the same day.



Wax 1 facial wax.


Forearm Wax

Wax from wrist to elbow.


Full Arm Wax


Full Leg Wax


Lower Leg Wax

Wax from knee to ankle.

Nape of Neck $20

Shoulder Wax


Underarm Wax


 Ear Candling                                                                                                                                                                                                 $45




We specialize in wedding styles. We only use the best products to ensure your style will last all night. Bring in a picture of the desired style that you would like.



Artificial Eyelashes
Artificial eyelashes professionally applied.
Basic Style/ Blow Out
Customized basic style. Shampoo included if needed.
*+$5 for Hot Tool
Basic Style and Makeup Application
Customized basic style and makeup.

 Style Me Saxy Special
Basic style and makeup application.
Holiday Special (NYE, Valentines, St. Patty's, Viennese Ball, Prom, Homecoming, Zombie Pub Crawl, Halloween, Christmas Eve, Birthday Month (ID), Bachelorette Party (wedding must be booked at salon)

Makeup Application
Customized TIGI makeup application.
Makeup Lesson
Customized TIGI makeup applications while learning how to recreate the look at home.
Speciality Style and Makeup Application
Speciality Style and Makeup Application
Specialty Style (updo)
Customized style for special occasion.





Basic Deep Treatment
Customized hair and scalp treatments.
Malibu Treatment
A treatment to deeply cleanse hair, remove chlorine, hard water deposits or any other build up.
Scalp Massage
Shampoo, condition and 10 min scalp massage. This may be added onto any service for an additional 10 min of relaxing scalp massage.
Olaplex Treatment
Rejuvenate your hair with an intense protein treatment





1 Session $35
Double Dip
(2 sessions in 1 week)
3 Sessions $75

6 Sessions





Signature Manicure $25
MANicure: For Men
Polish Change $15

Gel Polish Add On/ Removal

Signature Pedicure $55
Express Pedicure $35
Gentlemen Pedicure

Gel Extensions
-a healthy alternative to acrylic

Gel Extension Fill